H+S Agenda

Day Themes

Day 1

Be Your Own Boss


Day 2

Love Yourself


Day 3

Get Up And Dance

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General Programming
Data & Analytics
Leveling Up to $100k

Takeaways will include:

» Executive Guest Speakers
» Networking and Insights 
» Hands-on Experience
» Inspired Storytelling
» Hustle Magic and Fun
» Level Up at Night
  • Come to understand how to make the customer your central focus and why this is vital
  • Participate in the wider context of customer experience and leadership practices and begin to affect positive change within your own organization or company
  • Learn H+S’s unique approach and how we connect the dots from separate business moments to overall excellence
  • Begin to establish leverage from the moment you start to interact with your next client and improve your business’ position both on and offline
  • Elicit strategic information in every negotiation you engage in and learn to close every deal with a win
  • Prepare and build a framework for successful closings and ultimately a successful business
  • Enjoy multiple opportunities to network and share your own experiences with fellow attendees—complete with unexpected moments of H+S magic
  • And of course, get closer to hitting $100K in sales than ever before!