Hustle + Socialize

Empowering Texas women to transform their mindsets to build and protect their legacy.

Who We Are

Hustle + Socialize was founded in 2018 by Michelle Vallejo and Christina Olivarez. Through continuing business education, opening doors to our professional networks, and facilitating leadership training, H+S creates a brave space for women to build the credibility, skills, network, and confidence to thrive as business leaders.

Hustle + Socialize brings women in business together at our annual summit, conference, and educational programming and events throughout the year. We are a home base for women at all levels of business ownership. Our community is made up of business beginners, business owners, and business builders.

Some of us are just getting started on our business journeys, some of us are learning how to make our efforts sustainable, and some of us are novice business owners ready to maximize our potential. At H+S, there is room for all of us to grow!

What We Do

Build, Protect, Transfer, Thrive as a Business Leader!

H+S Summit

A one-day summit featuring inspiring conversations with leading entrepreneurs and changemakers who are sharing firsthand experience and expertise on what it takes to start and scale your business.

H+S Conference

An immersive 2.5 days of inspiring keynotes, value-packed workshops, and interactive activities with leading trailblazers in business who will guide you on your entrepreneurial journey to elevating your business to the next level.  

H+S Educational Programming

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Upcoming Event

H+S 2022 Conference: Building Your Legacy

October 20-22, 2022 | Dry Goods Building

Hustle + Socialize Board Of Directors

Meet the Co-Founders and the Hustle + Socialize Board of Directors.