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Helping Minority-Owned Businesswomen in Texas build the credibility, skills, confidence, and community to thrive in business and life.

With POWERFUL opportunities for business growth and community expansion.

There was a need for a minority-owned conference in San Antonio

We began in 2018 as a best-friend team. Cofounded by Michelle Vallejo & Christina Olivarez from South Texas, the two were on a mission to create a brave space for empowering minority women in entrepreneurship and connect them to like-minded individuals and business development opportunities.

Today, Hustle + Socialize is led by CoFounder Christina Olivarez and has evolved into a go-to community where TEXAS women come together and experience business education and build meaningful connections through our annual conference, online programming & events throughout the year.

Our community consists of business beginners looking to get their business idea off the ground & running and business builders looking to scale their current businesses and skyrocket their income & impact.



Build. A key ingredient needed is laying down the foundations and building upon what you set. Protect. It’s time to protect your most important asset, Y-O-U. Transfer.  We focus on community building & setting down the stepping stones to a lasting legacy, and transferring our knowledge to the next generation to follow in our footsteps.

This framework is the core of our conference promise; you will leave this powerful day with the credibility, skills, confidence, and community to take the necessary actionable steps toward building a thriving business, life, and legacy.

It’s time to build a thriving business, life, and legacy.


The H+S Conference

Our annual conference occurs every June in Downtown San Antonio, TX.  Attendees experience a powerful day filled with keynotes, panels, breakout sessions, interactive activities, and opportunities for business growth and community expansion

H+S Private FB Community

LAUNCHING SOON! Join our Private H+S FB Community. Inside our Private FB Community, you get to connect and build meaningful connections with other Hustlers and stay up-to-date with upcoming H+S events


Overcome your fear of visibility & step into your power with BOLD, unapologetic laser-focused social media & business coaching. 1:1 Private Coaching & Group Coaching programs with our CoFounder & award-winning coach, Christina Olivarez

It’s important to have a Conference like this in San Antonio 

I gained much value from this year’s Hustle+ Socialize Conference. I got to hear from amazing entrepreneurs and their success stories which is helpful as I continue to learn and grow. I also had the chance to network with fantastic women. I’m looking forward to the growth- Sam. N

What’s great about H+S is there is a lot of love

Since attending Hustle + Socialize, we’ve networked with a lot of women and seen tremendous business growth. Every single person attending can add value to your life. It’s a safe space.  We are all going through the same things, together. – La Mia P.

Something really important is happening at H+S

I’m not an entrepreneur yet. I attended Hustle + Socialize to understand better how to start a business. I’m blown away. The women here are bringing their authenticity and sharing from that to build each other up and heal; this experience is POWERFUL. – Gale M.