Hustle + Socialize 2022

"Building Your Legacy"
June 23-25, 2022

Galentine's Day Event

Hustle + Socialize empowers Texas women to transform their mindsets to build & protect their legacy.

Hustle + Socialize was founded in
2018 by Michelle Vallejo +
Christina Olivarez

H+S has been growing in the heart of San Antonio, TX for the past 4 years, and we are a home base for women at all levels in business ownership.

Our community is made up of business beginners, business owners, and business builders.

Business Beginners are just about to make the jump into business ownership. They might have a “side-hustle” or be juggling a full-time job and a great idea and ready to bring it to life. Business Beginners might have just started a business but still feel like they have no idea what to do next. It’s OK, mujer! We’ve got you!

Business Owners are those who have 1-2 years in business. They have had success in launching their idea, but things might still not be going according to plan…or there still might not even be a plan. That’s perfectly OK! We are here to help get you on a path of sustainable growth. No more sacrificing your health, sleep, and sanity – we can do this together.

Business Builders are women that are leading the way in business but still have room to grow. Business Builders might have one, two, or even more business on their plate but still desire more community, more growth, and more freedom ($). Your next business coach, partner, and an advisor will be in the room with you. We are bringing together the best of the best to accelerate your journey. Let’s get you to the top!

Some of us are just getting started on our business journeys, some of us are learning how to make our efforts sustainable, and some of us are novice business owners ready to maximize our potential. At H+S, there is room for all of us to grow!

What kind of Hustler are you?

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