Welcome, Hustlers!

I’m Christina Olivarez, CoFounder & CEO of Hustle + Socialize


Women Served through 14 events | 4 Conferences | 2 Summits


followers in the SBG & H+S community orbit


of Minority-Owned Businesswomen who have started & scaled their businesses after attending H+S

There was a need for a minority-owned conference in San Antonio

We began in 2018 as a best-friend team. Cofounded by Michelle Vallejo & myself, Christina, from South Texas (Rio Grande Valley.) We were on a mission to create a brave space for empowering minority women in entrepreneurship and connect them to like-minded individuals and business development opportunities.

We often found ourselves as “the only’s” in the room regarding business/professional development. As young Latina professionals, we lacked role models regarding entrepreneurship. I came to Michelle about an idea I had for a women’s entrepreneurship conference after realizing there was a lack of representation for minority-owned businesswomen when it came to business growth, community building, and expansion. In the Summer of 2018, we hosted the first Hustle + Socialize conference- bringing together over 120+ minority-owned businesswomen. Since 2018, we’ve hosted 14 events, 4 conferences, 2 summits and continue our mission of building businesses & legacies.

In 2022, Michelle stepped down from H+S to pursue her own passion & legacy, running for Congress & blazing a trail in politics. I took over as CoFounder & CEO and a new era began for H+S. 

Today, Hustle + Socialize is led by me, CoFounder & CEO Christina Olivarez!

And H+S has evolved into a go-to community where TEXAS women come together and experience business education and build meaningful connections through our annual conference, online programming & events throughout the year.


Our community consists of business beginners looking to get their business idea off the ground & running and business builders looking to scale their current businesses and skyrocket their income & impact.




of our attendees are between the ages of 25-45

types of business owners that we serve are: service-based, product-based, & creators

Major Texas Cities That We Represent include: San Antonio, RGV, Austin, Laredo, Corpus Christi

different industries our Hustlers represent include: Tech, Retail, Marketing, Health & Wellness, Real Estate, Government etc.

Values H+S Stands Behind:


Passion is connected with your purpose. Therefore, H+S aligns with individuals and partners who are extremely passionate about their industry, their work, the people they serve, and the more significant impact that comes with the commitment, energy, and motivation to create your vision of success.


It takes a community of people to build a thriving business & life. It takes connection. Little connections make a big difference– which is why we champion collaboration. We pursue opportunities that empower people by building community, forging new and innovative partnerships and leveraging the SBG/H+S network for building legacy.


Christina’s leadership style is transformational. We aim to inspire change, growth, and motivate through vision and focus. We take ownership and responsibility for all thoughts, actions, and committed to active listening techniques so that individuals & peers members feel seen, understood, and respected.


We align the most with individuals who value innovation. It is important to inspire confidence & for us to work & partner with those who have a growth mindset, who constantly look for opportunities to do things differently and are always open to new ideas, no matter where those ideas may present themselves. We are not here to play small.

The conference changed my life!

The conference was not only informative, but it was also fun and a great opportunity to meet new people and network. It exceeded my expectations!

H+S Attendee

Great Energy!

I loved the diversity of speakers relative to their different industries. There’s so many inspiring and powerful women here! And I get to be one of them!

H+S Attendee

Such a fun, well-organized conference!

The conference led me to think more about my purpose and the legacy I’d like to leave! I’m blown away by the speakers and how well-organized each session is!

H+S Attendee